Metronome Magazine


Lush arrangements filled with layer upon layer of instrumentation fills the tracks of Greg Schuler's new CD, "Said and Done". Schuler also proves to be a pretty talented tour de force on his debut producing, arranging, engineering, mixing, writing and performing all the songs with the help of some select musical partners.

Mainly built around Schuler's array of keyboard sounds and programming, the songs are then subjected to some fine accompaniment from everything from electric and acoustic guitars, upright bass and saxophone, to trumpet, trombone, drums and well orchestrated lead and backing vocals. The outcome bursts with a contemporary R&B flair that rivals the sounds of Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire and Tears For Fears.

Crowd pleasers include "Everlasting Love," "Stay By My Side," "Let You Down" and "Band-Aid For A Broken Heart." - Douglas Sloan